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Need to get somewhere in a hurry? In the past, you’d have to wrangle with an outdated map to plot the shortest route. The map wouldn’t be able to tell you the duration of your trip or if you’d encounter traffic on the way. You’d have to take your chances and hope for the best. Thankfully, times have changed. Now, anyone with a smartphone can call up any location and see the quickest route to get there. While this is convenient for your personal life, it’s also something that could impact your business. Auto repair shops, in particular, could stand to benefit from claiming, securing and optimising their Google Maps and Google My Business listing. It’s All About Convenience Google Maps has become a preferred navigation tool for many reasons. It’s easy to access, regularly updated and filled with useful information such as possible road closures or car accidents ahead. A customer using it only needs to open the application on their phone to get going. Google Maps offers businesses a free service called Google Places, which allows you to list your business’s location on Google Maps. It means that should a person search your business online they’ll find directions to it. Usually,...

In the heart of Ontario lives a man called Greg. Greg owns an automotive repair shop, which he inherited from his father. Now that he’s finally in charge, he knows that the shop needs a modern update. Greg invests in new shop branding and decides to have a website built. He searches around for the cheapest web developer he can find, tells them what he’s looking for, and they throw together a site. Greg can’t wait for it to bring in a stream of new customers, but weeks and months pass without any change to his sales volumes. Greg dismisses his website as a waste of time and money and vows to stick to face-to-face sales and pamphlets to promote his business from now on. The above story is all too common amongst business owners looking to establish an online presence. There are many inexperienced and unscrupulous web designers and developers out there, which means you could end up with a website that does nothing for your business. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money, and if created correctly a site can be an earner for your company. Contact us for auto repair shop SEO services. Here are just a few...

In the past, promoting your business would involve passing out flyers, creating television commercials and word of mouth. As the world has gone digital, it now consists of building a website, having a social media profile and investing in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. SEO is something that many businesses find challenging, as it involves dozens of activities that get your website to rank better on search engines. To understand just how critical SEO is for your automotive business to succeed, you first need to understand what it has to do with search engines – and the potential it has to offer if you stick with it. Why Do Search Engines Matter? Just a few decades ago, if your car started making strange noises, you would haul out your copy of the Yellow Pages and search for an auto repair shop in your neighbourhood. These days, you can visit Google (the world’s largest search engine), type your car brand and geographic area into the search bar and get thousands of options to choose from. Logic dictates that the first few listings will be the most relevant to you, while those on the 5th or 6th page will be less so. Enquire now...

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